Friday, October 31, 2014

Marvel Phase 3 Reading

Marvel Phase 3 has just been announced - and that is already old news.  It is curious, that in the comic industry we are constantly bombarded with announcements and "New" that we hardly have time to digest any information we get.   It all flies by so fast.  What is really freaky is that Marvel Phase 3 will be here before we know it.

As I was looking at all the movies that were announced, I noticed a social media question that was posed  - "What is the reading order for Marvel Phase 3?"

I am a huge literacy - lets get those kids reading comics - buff, so I immediately posed the question on my social media.  Not much response. All in all, it is hard to know what angle the movie industry will take with the iconic story lines, however - a story arc is a story arc.  

I believe this is a fantastic opportunity to get some awareness out there.  Get the reading lists in libraries and schools.  Market a movie by marketing the story and the fundamental need to read the story first.

With this being said, I am going to dive into my research.  Alas, I would love some input in this endeavor.  If you have suggestions, please post here or email me at

Lets make a list!  Lets get some comics in some kids hands!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bittersweet Comic Book Love

Bittersweet: sweet with a bitter aftertaste.

This is actually the best word I can think of when I read comic books. I thoroughly love the feeling of getting my hands on a comic that is rich in visual images, flawless in storytelling, and the gutters that pull me even deeper into the story.  

Then - it happens.  The last panel, the last image, the last word balloon...and then the three words I hate: TO BE CONTINUED!

I am suddenly jerked back into reality- and if I am reading a current issue - I momentarily spasm with anticipation for the story to continue.  Being a research fanatic, I immediately scour for updates and issue news all the while mentally willing the next issue to be available.  The feeling of sorrow usually sets in when I realize I have to wait a week, a couple of weeks, or god forbid a MONTH! 

The question I want to pose is WHY?  Why do we do this to ourself?  What is this magical allurement that comic books can have over us?  

For a while I decided to wait for story arcs to play out and then buy the trades as soon as they were available.  Then I would binge read until my eyes were bleary and panels and gutters turned into one full page.

Although this was satisfying my "everything or nothing", "fight or flight" emotions - I still had the same aftertaste of  - really, no more?  

I have come to finally accept that comic books just do it for me.  I love the stories.  Especially the background tales of how subjects came into fruition, the interactions between characters, and how the hero may or may not save the day.  I love the art and how colors can play an impact on an emotion in the story.  I love the idea of lettering and placement of word balloons and how they subtly make or break a comic books flow.  In general, I love the world I get pulled into through a comic book.

We have all experienced that magical feeling as a child when we knew Christmas or a birthday was just around the corner.  The anticipation was relentless.  As an adult, I have like many others, lost that humble innocence of excitement and anticipation during these events.  That feeling of waking up everyday and thinking, "YES only X amount of days left."  I guess in a way, when I read comic books it taps into these long lost emotions.  Because of this, I actually really enjoy the bittersweet words - "to be continued". 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ludicrous Speed Is How I Roll

It has officially been (1) year since I posted on this blog.  "Holy air tight alibi" - the time has flown by faster than the Flash on coffee.  A lot has happened and I have succeeded at incorporating the comic industry into every nook and cranny of my life! Do not get me wrong, I love this, however when I dream of super hero battles (who would win scenarios) and in a fevered sweat think I see the Green Goblin hovering above me...I may need to re-evaluate my saturation level.

Seriously, the comic industry has made me very happy.  I do travel at times at "ludicrous speed" (thank you Spaceballs for amazing quotable phrases) at many cons however, I would feel as if a part of me was ripped away if I could not be in the thralls of the excitement.

I get asked a lot of questions while I am at cons regarding "comic conventions" and how to market and advertise.  After addressing several questions on a personal level I came to a couple conclusions:

1. I am no expert, however I have seen first hand what works and does not work.

2. What seems obvious to me in marketing and production of comic conventions is NOT obvious to everyone.

3. I have a blog I am not using correctly! 

4. I need a doppelganger.

With these thoughts in mind, I have decided to start adding some tips and tricks that I have found really seem to kick the tires and light the fires in the comic industry.

My hope is to eventually bring world peace, alas I will be happy with a smile and a thank you if my meager knowledge seems to help anyone. 

Look for upcoming regular updates.
Until then know that I am She-Ra in training.