Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marketing, Geeks, and Comic Books: OH MY!

"The people drawn to New York Comic Con "are people who are setting trends," said Dan Buckley, president and publisher of print, digital and TV at Marvel, in an interview. "They are the early adopters of technology. These are the people who start things and make them hot." Marketers Seeks Out Geeks Corporate Enthusiasm for Comic Con Matches Attendees' WSJ October 15, 2012, 7:27 p.m. ET

We are setting trends. 

Let this sentence soak in for a moment. The entire fabric of this sentence signifies great and miraculous changes in the geekdom we love. What is even more fascinating is that the world is noticing and realizing that as a whole our tastes do make a difference. 

Comic books, print and digital - are in one of the many categories that just can not be ignored any longer by retailers and manufactures.  What we buy, when we buy it, why we buy it, what influences us to buy it- is intriguing even the most renowned corporations. Everyone is wanting a piece of the pie that is obviously making money - The GEEK Craze. 

But what does this mean for Indie artists? The little guy? The artist or writer who just coming into his own or who has been trying to break into the business for a while now? Essentially, this is NOT the time to give up. More than anything it is the time to squash your fears and pull up your big boy, or girl, pants - fasten on that cape and get ready to face your fears, and dive in.

Basically, GAME ON! 

With marketing, magnetic is instant attraction. And the best magnetism is consistent. Comic Cons are essentially one of the best ways to socialize and beat the proverbial pavement with others in comic industry - this is possible because of consistency.  Every year Comic Cons have increased in attendance, in popularity, in recognition, in popularity, and in world wide acceptance of legitamite market value.  

Are you looking to market yourself in the comic book industry? Should you go to a comic con? YES!!! 

Marketing is not just about numbers and statistics about what is selling in stores. Although this is important.  It is also about trends, demographics, people, what people are buying, what is the hottest fiction, what is the gaming industry doing right now, what other cultures are buying, digital and print, technology, basically it is about finding your perfect little corner and making it golden. 

Choose to stand out. Accept orderly disorder at first. But choose to make your identity yours and know that in doing so you are setting a trend.  It is easy to market yourself as a trendsetter. 

Searching out your specific trends is a way to start. I like to use:
search for a particular subject or demographic. For fun look up comic books.

I will be writing more on marketing in the future, however, isn't nice knowing that the greater population is finally listening.

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