Friday, December 28, 2012

Zombies are Goal Driven! Featuring art by Brian Atkins

Zombie Reading by Brian Atkins
It has been longer than a fortnight and I have no excuse for the time - except that I have conquered much in the world of comic books, action heroes, and movies.  In short - I have been sitting on my behind being extremely happy! 

Christmas has now come and gone. I prevailed through yet another birthday! I have discovered some long lost loves: "Big Trouble in Little China", Sean Connery as James Bond, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and stickers - yes - real meaty STICKERS! 

For me it is the little fantastic things in life that keep me smiling!

So now, it is that time again where much of the world is preparing to make goals for the next year, 2013.  Goals that will never be accomplished.  Goals that will sound great once said, but will never make it past the first week of January. 
Not necessarily because the intent was never there, but because - we are a progress forced culture. 
Sometimes our own needs get lost in the mix. 

Now Zombies, on the other hand, THEY ARE GOAL DRIVEN! 
And I mean 24-7! They have a singular want in site and boom they are determined. Zombies don't care about cultural norms and pressures to: first conform to society before putting their own wants and needs on the table. 
NO! They know exactly what they need. They know what they are lacking in their, ahem, dead existence. 

Zombies are the eternal optimists. The "glass half full" guys! Keeping it simple.
A glass this cool can be purchased!
Unlike, our goal driven, optimistic, simple life foes - as a society we tend to put our needs and wants on the back shelf. Then, when we are brainless and exhausted from keeping our own needs met - we simply fall apart. 
Basically turning into villains and monsters worthy of any comic book plot. 
"Murder Lane" by Brian Atkins

So, how do we become like the Walking Dead without, you know, dying?

To get the scoop, I spoke with my good friend, Chris O'Hearn - Life Coach for  Strong Within (his personally owned coaching business has been featured on the likes of MTV and can be found through the above link...this guy is great!)  

According to Chris, we need to break it down. (stop dancing) Break it into two steps:

1. Action
2. Maintenance

Ask yourself what is going to be your actions to make a change for 2013. For me, I need to have visual recognition - and a lot of it. BAM in my face! Using wipe board markers on my bathroom mirror to remind me of my goals, for example, will get the job done. 
Actions are the energetic liveliness of the goal or the need that keeps you invigorated.  Think zombies...they never quite moving.

Then, it is important to actually recognize how the maintenance will be played out for those actions. What are you personally going to do to remember why you want to change? How are you going to keep moving towards your goal? Do you need to write your accomplishments down?  I do.  That is the ego in me coming out.

If you want to be more creative - look beyond what is creative and look at creativity in yourself. Remind yourself of past goals or habits you have had that has worked in the past.  Reinvent them if you need to.

Chris stated, "Allow yourself to become in a state of mind where you want to be action driven." I felt like I could take over the world at this point.

Finally, a fantastic suggestion by Chris, "Brainstorm 20 things where you want to put yourself first.  Think of different ways you can do this during 2013. Whether it is habitual, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  It is not being selfish. It is recharging, refueling, and organizing. Sometimes, when we only list a couple of ideas we do not fully analyze what we truly need to be happy, and when we are taking care of everyone else's needs and problems, there is not enough energy or time to take care of ourself."

For 2013, make it a goal... be a zombie! Go after what you truly want! 
Whether you want to be:
Silas the Serpent King

Carl -The Worlds Best Janitor

Art by Brian Atkins