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X-Men:Always Taking 'GAME ON' to the Next Level

Some combinations are just meant to be together. Such is the case of X-Men and Comic Books. The mutant team was created and released in 1963 by creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with Marvel Comics publishing.  It was to be an unstoppable force that is still going strong to this day!  

So much has been written about X-Men.  I am what would be called an X-men novice.  I have dipped my hands in the amazing worlds, however, if I were to even begin to go into great depths of explanation or get on a soapbox...I would be squashed by any well knowledgeable X-Men expert.  So alas, I will refer for those who know more than I. 

What is an X-Men? Simply a mutant or rather a human born with superhuman ability due to a factor in their genetic code.  The transformation does not happen until puberty. A dividing factor has been established between mutants vs. humans, or distrust and fear due to mutant abilities.  An additional conflict is amplified in the story lines between the mutants. Good vs. Evil.  Rather, using the abilities for good or evil, and taking the mutations of human evolution to the next level through scientific experimentation.  

Charles Xavier and Magneto are usually the protagonists in the mutant community.  Charles the wealthy mutant who has founded a school to house and protect and train young children just coming into their abilities, showing them how to use their powers for good against evil and world threats. As well as his one time friend Magneto, who has also lifted up an army called the Brotherhood of Mutants, who inflicts and causes anarchy and destruction against the X-men and mankind.  This is a ridiculously small synopsis.  For further information check out: X-Men Marvel Wiki

Jumping into the world of X-men can be confusing at best.  There are X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men, X-Men Legacy,Ultimate X-Men, X-Factor, plus secondary titles and spin off titles featuring solo characters (example Wolverine First Class.)

X-men has filtered into many medias since its debut in comic books.  Many films,video games, online games, and television shows have been successful.  Action figures have been made of many of the characters from each of the medias.  X-men has been a profitable name and business. 

So, the question must be asked what has made X-men and its characters so popular over the years?  Every decade new characters have been introduced, however the original tried and true have stayed the same.
Professor X
Kitty Pryde
Night Crawler
...just to name a few.  

X-men started off as a well rounded story.  Something just a little different. A bit extreme but different. The characters actually got to know each other.  There was storytelling.  Teams consisted off characters from different ethnic groups and nationalities and stations in life.  Personalities and difficult pasts HAD to be addressed in order to work together. 

The X-Men, in my opinion, began what appeared to me a legitimate Super-Hero throw down era.  They showed that just because you had abilities it was not all "have your cake and eat it too" -it took training and effort and team work, or have your HUZZAH handed to you on a silver platter!  Basically, the fighting rocked! You could see their life flash before your eyes in a blaze of comic book panel color. This leads me to my next thought - good ole Wolverine.

Ahhhh, the days of Wolverine when he would fly off the handle and threaten to just destroy everyone - even his own team. You know the "Is it all about you? Oh I thought it was all about me!" syndrome that only Wolverine can pull off so well.  Who could not resist pages of Wolverine attitude.

Decade after decade X-men has hit the bulls eye.  Grabbing the readers.  Confusing the heck out of us for what is next in line to read- lets face it - sometimes we are all confused. Giving us new characters that blow us away and new fights like AvX that is mind boggling in a delightful multi dimensional way.  X-men is a staple in my comic book life.  However I join the ranks of I wish I knew more. For now I leave you some of the greats:

Scott: "What do you think we should call me? When I'm in costume, I mean."
Logan: "It ain't a costume, kid, it's a uniform. And how bout we call you 'that ridiculous polite Pollyanna who won't last a week.'" 
X-Men Evolution issue 2 

Northstar: [about Gambit] "A spicy Cajun dish with some seriously hot buns."
Uncanny X-Men 425

Wolverine: "Deadpool ain't it? Sorta rhymes with Dead Fool?" 
Deadpool: "Yeah-- like Wolverine rhymes with... Louver Screen? ... Hoover Spleen? Hey what the heck does it rhyme with?" 
Wolverine #88

"Speaking of gettin' things, Cyke -- Yer gonna be gettin' me a new bike! I lend ya mine fer one day and ya leave it parked in another dimension. So start raiding the cookie jar, bub, 'cause the lod Canucklehead's gotta have a set o' wheels!" 
 Wolverine, the Adventures of the X-Men #4

"You always know where the X-Men have been, because it's always on fire."
Pete Wisdom, Excalibur

"Finally, anyone wishing to complain to Mr. Logan about injuries sustained during yesterday's field expedition will, I'm afraid, be waisting his or her time." 
White Queen

"I'm a patient woman, but sometimes I wish all children had a single neck and I was knotting a rope around it!"
White Queen

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