Friday, July 5, 2013

MMMM, It's the Smell of Comics

There is nothing quite like the smell of a new comic book.  I have actually been told my whole life that this is how ALL new books smell, however, in my mind I have reserved it for ONLY comics.  

When I get my new comic books - single issue, trade paper back, or the beloved hard cover -I feel like I am part of a super secret club.  There is something magnificent about ripping off the shrinkable plastic cover and having that "new comic" smell smack you right in the face. 

The kind of comic book smell that I do not like however, is B.O. that can fester at comic cons.  Ask any person on the street and they will agree body odor is not the first on their list for whoopee ki aye smells.  In the heat of the comic con season - the "con stench" or "comic funk", is written about repeatedly.  Almost to the point that it is annoying.  The smell subject seems to be a fun topic for non con goers and con goers alike.

What is con stench - well, sexy to the power of NOTHING!

Crowds have been stated as pushing the 200,000 mark especially in large scale cons - like San Diego and New York.  In fact, the Comic Con has been referenced as "The sold-out Super Bowl of Pop Culture."   2012 broke records across the board for individual cons.  Averages were up in attendance, in sales, and for the amount of articles written about Comic Con Goers as smelling to high heaven.

Even Superman has odor!

Personally, there have been many comic cons that I have attended where I have NOT noticed any type of odd smell.  Granted - there have been those cons where odor is a "punch you in the face" moment of sour oddity.  

Reality is, that Comic Cons are insanely crowded.  

Reality is, when you smell ---YOU ARE THE LAST to notice it.  

Reality is, when you are around individuals that do smell - it will always be rude to make  ridiculous comments to the cosmic abyss - like "In Gods name, WHAT is that SMELL?!?"

Reality is, Cosplay is a give and take with re-wearing costumes, ventilation, and body heat.  

Reality is, others in the mass of comic clad happy goers may stink; but ultimately you don't have too.

Keep your comments to yourself!

Whether you are interested in having a positive comic con experience or not, is what is at stake.  Basically, every gathering with thousands of people is going to have some kind of smell. The wrap that comic cons have gotten for being the ODOR FEST of just not fair. 
"Excuse me, but I am trying to define your BRAND of odor."

Personally, when I go to comic cons I find that it is good to focus on two things:  Keep your self clean and Just smell the books!

There is much that is unexplained...However Beast with hygiene is not one of them.