Thursday, August 16, 2012

And Off We Go...

and off we go...
to begin with this is me:
ok, haha, behind the mask this is me:
and me with what I LOVE:

I am a geek through and through. 
Have been my whole life. 
From cartoons, comics, computers, code, sci-fi, action figures, gaming, to even having a fetish with words! 

The comic industry has always been a home away from home for me. Always beckoning me to come back whenever I have swayed in another direction or galaxy far away.

I recognize, appreciate, and am enamored by talent.  Especially the talent of artists who draw, ink, color, letter, and write story lines and arcs. These artists who work together, create visually stimulating worlds for all genres because they love what they do - and it shows. 

I truly love working within this industry. 
It is gritty.  
It is real. 
The art is raw
The writing is fresh.
The creations are never ending. 
The fans are forever loyal. 
There is opportunity and acceptance for anyone who wishes to just belong.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to share some of my knowledge that I have accumulated over 13 years regarding Marketing and Research, as well as spotlight some great artists and writers, be an ongoing source of information and commentary for the industry, review and keep updates handy, of course highlight funny incidentals, and finally keep comics the essential focus of all that is entailed.  

After all, "The whole world is watching us now.  We must be nothing less than fabulous." -Emma Frost, New X-Men